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Moldova Charity Mission News

Di Acaster has been visiting Moldova again recently.  Here are some glimpses into her time there.

29th May   As always, lovely to catch up with the children at the Moldova Charity Mission Day Centre. Thank you to so many people for all you have done to help this be so successful! You can see how much they are enjoying the toys, their meals and the minibus is still going strong despite the famous Moldovan roads!


30th May  I have spent the morning with Emanuel Clinic in Chisinau. All of these ladies wanted to say thank you to the people who donate equipment and bandages etc to the clinic. Everything donated goes straight to where the need is and makes such a difference to people’s lives.


1st June Today I met Victor. He is 14 years old and he lives in Moldova. He is very bright, but because he has cerebral palsy he is unable to access his school. However, he does manage to get a few hours home tuition each week. He’s a wizz on the computer, is very good at designing logos and loves football.
Three years ago, he was given a second hand electric wheelchair. I asked him what that felt like, and he told me “I felt as if I could walk. I could meet my friends in the street and take part in the community. I didn’t feel so lonely.”
Victor is not able to use his wheelchair in the winter because of the condition of the roads, and he was so looking forward to getting back in his chair come spring. However, when the time came, the chair wouldn’t work. None of the mechanics that have looked at it can identify exactly why it won’t work, and it is well over 20 years old. This has been devastating for him, and once again he feels isolated and lonely.
So I have made him no promises, but said I would do some research. If anyone knows of someone with a second hand electric chair to sell, or a charity that might help me to get one, or has any other suggestions or advice, please do let me know. He could really do with a new indoor chair too. 

More information about Moldova Charity Mission for the Disabled can be found here.




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