Our work is dependent on the generous giving of members and friends of the church. Christians believe that the Bible provides guidance on giving. However, at CtK no one is compelled to give to the Church although we do believe that those who love Jesus and are committed to our work for Him will most definitely want to.

“Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7)

There are a variety of ways by which you can give to the Church:

One-off gifts: You can make a ‘one-off’ gift by cash or by a cheque payable to “The PCC of the Church of Christ the King Kettering”. If you have already signed a Gift Aid Declaration to cover regular monthly giving you do not need to sign any further forms but simply tell us that your gift is covered. But if you have not signed a Gift Aid Declaration and are eligible please enclose one of the following forms with your gift Click here for a one-off gift aid declaration form Gift Aid Declaration for one off Donations 2016 (303 downloads)

(this form can also be used by visitors and non CtK members who wish to donate to our work)

and here for a Gift Aid Declaration Regular/Ongoing Donations (this can cover giving by the Envelope Scheme as well as any one off gifts) Gift Aid Declaration for regular Donations 2016 (260 downloads)

Charity Giving Organisations: If you are a member of Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), Stewardship or another such organisation, you can make a tax efficient gift to CtK using their services. Contact your organisation to request that a payment be made to the PCC of Christ the King, Kettering
Making Payment: As giving is part of our worship, we pass baskets around as we sing. If you are visiting, please don’t feel you have to give, although you are welcome to! Tokens are available for those who give electronically as it helps some of us to remember our giving in this way. Alternatively cheques can be left at the church office. If you wish to make a direct payment by on-line banking, please email the Church Office for our Account details.
Standing order forms: Download here if you pay income tax Monthly Standing Order form 2016 - Gift Aid (263 downloads)   or download here if do NOT pay income tax Monthly Standing Order Form 2016 - Non Gift Aid (241 downloads)

Envelope Scheme: If you wish to give regularly by cash or cheque using the envelope scheme please contact the Church Office or Gift Aid Coordinator. This scheme is available both with Gift Aid and for non tax payers.

Please don’t send forms direct to your bank so that we can give your bank the Diocese’s reference.

Gift Aid Background 2016v1

Click here for further information about the church finances