Love in Action team

‘Love in Action began a few years ago when a couple of members of the church family were in specific need. Members of the congregation asked what they could do to help.  What developed were the seeds of love in Action; lifts to hospital, meals, visits, practical & emotional support.

Since then, Love in Action has grown into a ministry which supports those from the church and those in the community around.

Supporting people both practically and emotionally. You You might find a member of the Love in Action team delivering meals to a family or individual, or giving someone a lift to a hospital appointment. Or you might find a member of the team taking a bunch of flowers round to someone who has just lost a loved one or simply to show that we care about and love them. Sometime you may see a member of the team taking a bag of food to someone in need.

Most of the time, the work that goes on with Love in Action is behind the scenes. Yet it is a vital work we do. practical help is a really important way we as Christians can show someones else that God loves them and that we care about them.

On other occasion, thee work that Love in Action do is more about emotional and pastoral support.

We have a team of visitors who spend time with this who are struggling for whatever reason.

In a big church, this is particularly important because it is easy to miss people and not know that they are in need. We rely on members of the congregation letting us know that there is a need, so if you know someone who could do a meal or two being brought round, let us know. Or, if you know someone who needs a visitor, you want to nominate someone for support or alternatively, you may be feeling God is calling you to be a part of this ministry do not hesitate to get in touch and find ou how you might be able to do that.

Need a Visit or you know of someone who does. Contact Val Macdonald (9am congregation) on 01536 516595, Carol Robinson (11am congregation) 01536 414917. You can also email

This is a service operated through Love In Action. The idea is that members of the church family could recycle useful items through giving and receiving. There is always the opportunity for grateful recipients to make a contribution to ‘Love in Action’ funds if they so wish or feel able. We have found that people want to make these contributions, not just for goods, but also for services rendered. Any contributions received will further enable the work of ‘Love in Action’. The same goes for services and talents.

Ron Evans is coordinator and can be contacted on

Alternatively e-mail the church office on or ring on 01536 517553.

We hope, in the future, to be able to add below an interactive module that will allow people to make the transactions online.

If you would like to know more about Love in Action and other ways in which we help the community please download the ‘Love in Action’ booklet by clicking on the link below.

Love in Action Leaflet (303 downloads)