As the Church of Christ the King we aim to donate 10% of our income to support mission work outside of Kettering. We give to our Mission Partners, to a few Mission Organisations and we offer grants to support members of the congregation serving in mission work.

Mission Support Group

The ‘Mission Support Group’ look after our involvment in missions outside Kettering. See more information below:

The Mission Support Group (MSG) is a sub-committee of the church leadership responsible for looking after our support for mission beyond our parish, or world-wide mission. This includes such things as encouraging prayer support for our mission partners, organising Mission Focus Sunday services, allocating the part of our church budget that we give to support World-Wide Mission, and seeking to support members of the congregation in World-Wide Mission. You can contact the MSG by e-mail at:

Through congregational grants we aim to make some money available to support financially members of our church who wish to take part in world-wide mission. It could be short term mission, training for mission or some other activity that comes under the heading of Christian mission. If you wish to apply for a congregational grant from the Mission Support Group please contact us via the email address You will be asked to fill out an application form, and we’ll take it from there.

Mission Partners

See below more information about each of our mission partners:

Salamans_Tazania_ kettering_churchPaul and Christine Salaman have now ended their time as CMS Mission Partners working with the Anglican Church of Tanzania.

We wish them all the very best in their next phase of life based in Cornwell.



janette_rick_brown_kettering_churchRick and Janette work with the international mission Agapé and have been in Liverdy-en-Brie (just to the east of Paris) since the early 80′s. Their son Paul, 24, is working as a mechanical engineer west of Paris.

Rick & Janette both work full time for Agapé France. Agapé France is an evangelical mission seeking to reach people with the gospel through students, churches, artists, the internet, immigrants and family life ministries. The word ‘Agapé’ translates as ‘unconditional love’. The need for this work in France is clearly shown by the statistic that only 1% of the population is evangelical Christian.

Directed by Rick, Agapé Famille, is involved in reaching out to non-believers through the life-issues of marriage and family, and encouraging and building up Christian couples to be salt and light where they are. This is done through couples’ seminars, special events, workshops, and couples’ group materials. Rick also trains and coaches new staff in their initial months with Agapé.

Janette is on the National Leadership Team of Agapé France, in charge of Operations, including Finances and Human Resources, serving over 80 staff across 5 cities. She also works with Rick to run couples seminars and develop new materials.

Below is their profile explaining who they are and what they do, and also a few of their resent news letters.

Newsletter –  Sept 2017

Newsletter – April 2017

Newsletter – Nov 2016

Newsletter – July 2016

Rick & Janette Brown – profile 2014

Contact in CtK: Anne & Colin Marshall

Andy and Collette work with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Cam-bridge. They moved there 7 years ago to help start up YWAM activity there. YWAM began in 1960 with a main focus of getting youth in-volved in missions. Today YWAM works in over 180 countries with a common purpose ‘to know God and to make Him known’. Disciple-ship Training School (DTS) is a program YWAM uses to equip people for their part in God’s purposes for the world, grow closer to God and then to get involved hands on overseas.

In Cambridge, Andy is involved in organising DTS, a Core Bible Course, and another programme called ‘a Year For God’. He is also working to bring churches together for 24/7 prayer.

With David as a conversation starter, Collette goes to various mums’ and tots’ groups, sharing her love for the gospel as she goes.

Their kids are Grace, Hannah and David.

Feb 2018 newsletter – Campaign Overview.

Chiricas_Moldova_kettering_churchPetru is a Baptist pastor and leads a church in a small village called Fagureni. Antonina is a full time mum but has also trained as a teacher / children & families worker. They have 5 children: Doina, Catea, Daniel, Emanuela and Pertu-Marius.

Petru and Antonina were commissioned from their last church to start a new church in Fagureni. When they were starting the church they met a lot of opposition from the villagers and even received death threats because of what they were doing. Shortly before Petru-Marius was born they felt God was calling them to work with disabled children. Petru-Marius was born with Downs Syndrome but this only strengthened their resolve to start this work.

Petru and Antonina started and lead the ‘Moldova Charity Mission for the Disabled’. As Europe’s poorest nation Moldova has no schools for children with additional needs. To help address this need they run a day centre for disabled children and a support group for parents of disabled children. Antonina finds it very rewarding to bring single mothers of disabled children together to encourage them and give them advice and support, and seeing friendships grow among them.

In 2006 Petru and Antonina met Ian Hames, who attends CtK, at a European Disability Conference. After that Ian visited them and has set up the partnership whereby we can support them in their wonderful ministry with prayer and financial giving. Several members of the CtK congregation have also been over to help with their annual summer camp.

The Moldova Charity Mission brings the love of Jesus to the community by providing:

  • A day centre where disabled children play and learn together (there’s no schooling for children with additional needs in Moldova).
  • Massage and speech therapy.
  • A support group for parents to get together and encourage one another, helping to relieve the sense of hopelessness and isolation.
  • Humanitarian aid – distributing food, clothing, blankets, medicines and toiletries.
  • Summer Camps for disabled adults and children; friends from Christ the King support the children’s camp both financially and by volunteering to help.

Please pray for good health and clear vision and strategy as the Charity Mission team look to God to grow this life-changing ministry. Please pray for funds to give these children a better future.

A short video from Donia.

Contact in CtK: Ian Hames

Stewart and Michelle, with their children Jack (16), Harry (14) and Robyn (10), have lived in Tanzania since 2001. They first moved abroad to work with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) but now serve both MAF and Wycliffe Bible Translators.

MAF is a mission dedicated to reaching isolated people to bring medial aid and to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ. In Tanzania Stewart manages MAF operations in Dar es Salaam ensuring the smooth running of MAF air crafts to those who have no other means to receive medical help or hear the Gospel.

Wycliffe works to fulfil the vision to see everyone have access to the God’s word in a language they truly understand. Of the 6,918 languages in the world today, only 513 have a complete Bible! Stewart looks after the running of their Dar es Salaam office which service as a base for bible translation and literacy projects in dozens of local communities.

Michelle looks after the kids and takes great joy in being involved in a local church outreach programme to love and share the gospel with the people who live in the Sala Sala quarry slum. They run a weekly kids club and once a month go to the disused quarry to build relationships. Many of the families there so poor that the children as young as 6 often have to work to help support the family. The kids club they attend is a chance for them to be children again and to play. They also hear a bible story, sing worship songs and receive a snack.

Check out this short video from MAF.

Check out their blog.

Aylings Newsletter May 2014

Aylings Newsletter April 2014

Contact in CtK: Sue and Pete Hare

Mission Orangisations

We give financially to four Mission Organisations. These are: Tearfund, The Evangelical Alliance, CPAS (the Christian Pastoral Aid Society), and Latin Link. See below for more information:

LogoThe Tearfund ‘Change A Nation’ project, with their partner the Ugandan Pentecostal Assembles of God (PAG), is working with local churches in some of the poorest communities in Uganda. Their way of working isn’t about doing things for people, it’s about enabling people to do things for themselves. Through Bible study, training, and skills workshops, lives are being transformed. Over time, whole communities are becoming more able to provide for themselves. This unique development approach is called the Participatory Evaluation Process (PEP).

Through the MSG and as individuals we at CtK have been supporting Change a Nation since February 2014.

Here is a link to the Change a Nation website with even more inforamtion.

Our own CtK Youth Trip to Uganda July 2015. Check out their video.

Rose’s story – Mar 2015.

Simon PeterSalvation is Just the Beginning. – Dec 2014.

Nadine Parkinson, who spoke at CtK back in March 2014, has visited the work out in Uganda and here is her account of that visit.

Lily Anek is one of many whose lives have been changed through PEP. Why not check out her story – Sep 2013.

Tearfund contact in CtK: Allan Jones

Open Doors supports persecuted Christians with Bibles, Christian materials, training, livelihood skills, advocacy – and in a whole host of other ways – so that they know they are not forgotten and can stand strong to serve their communities. So that they can give life.

They also seek to mobilise the church in the UK & Ireland not only to serve Christians living under religious persecution but also to learn from them what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

CPAS is an Anglican evangelical agency, working with churches, mainly in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Founded in 1836, they work towards making disciples, developing leaders and growing churches.

Their work includes:

Growing Leaders – Courses and books to develop local church leaders at all levels, including material specifically for teenagers. Over 700 churches nationwide have used the Growing Leaders resources.

Mentoring Matters – This resource contains important information for starting a church-based mentoring network: identifying, equipping and resourcing mentors.

Venture holidays – Life changing holidays for 8-18 year olds: enjoying new experiences, making friends, exploring the Bible and discovering more about Jesus.

Falcon camps – More than 20 holidays attended by 500 children and young people who face disadvantage in their daily lives.

Patronage – Patron to more than 500 benefices.

Arrow Leadership Programme – A transformational 18 month programme enabling Christian leaders aged 25-40 to be led more like Jesus, and lead more like Jesus.

Vocations Event – CPAs runs events to allow people explore God’s call on their lives, including lifecall days for 16-25s and You and Ministry weekends.

Latin Link is a Christian mission agency with a passion for mission in and from Latin America.

They work through:

Business – creating ethical employment, encouraging social enterprise, and providing microfinance.

Church – includes teaching and development, church planting, leadership training and whole-life discipleship for all ages.

Community – meeting practical needs, restoring broken relationship, and encouraging local Christians to play their part.

Education – including theological training and preparation for mission supported by publishing and resources.

Identifying with and caring for prisoners and their children, people with disabilities, street children and others at the margins.

Personal relationship with God, openness to lifelong learning growing into spiritual maturity and encouraging others to begin or continue this process.