Street Pastors is a nationwide initiative where volunteer Christians go out to help people in trouble on the streets in the evening. People from Christ the King and people from 20 other churches walk the streets of Kettering town centre to do this each Saturday night.

category-street-pastors-ketteringThere is a team of about 40 people who go out on a Saturday night from 10pm onwards to walk about Kettering town centre listening and helping those in need. They give out flipflops (to women whose high heels are hurting them too much to wear them), bottles of water to people who are dehydrated and lollipops! Sometimes they give first aid whilst waiting for the St John Ambulance to arrive. All of this is done in a non-judgmental way. While the street pastors are walking the streets, a team of people are in a church praying for them and the people they meet. If there is a particular incident the street pastor will contact them for specific prayer.

street-pastors-ketteringThe street pastors work in partnership with Kettering Borough Council and the Police. A town councillor recently told us: “We have noticed a real impact as a result of the Street Pastors. We have seen crime and tension fall in the town centre as a direct result of their work.”

If you have questions about Street Pastors or would like to volunteer to be involved then please contact the church office on 01536 517553 or at, or have a look at the official Street Pastors website.