How might you engage with the missional love of God & release your missional imagination?

We have recently reviewed what we do as a church to engage in mission and outreach to our community and how our activities help us to connect someone to the gospel. The aim has ben to assess whether an activity or event acts as a signpost for the gospel, is a pathway into our church community, or forges new friendships through which people can explore whit it means to have a Christian faith.

Our Decision

The result is that we have decided to stop doing some of our large scale, regular outreach events and replace them with smaller, targeted activities that can be planned, developed and organised by anyone in the church.

There is a small monetary ‘grants’, from £25 – £100, that people and groups can apply for, in the hope that this will release everyone’s missional imagination by offering support and a way for all of us to reach out with the love of Christ.

How you can get involvedUntitled-1

The idea is that you use this money to hold a mini-missional event such as a shared meal, a picnic at a local event, a film night or tea and cake (or what ever you can think of!)

The activity must have mission at its outcome, with the aim of reaching out to friends, family, and colleagues – trying to build a bridge between them and the gospel.

How to apply

Either see one of the team Andy Stilwell or Deborah Hicks or download and complete the request form.

Email: outreach@ctk.org.uk