Welcome to the church of Christ the King – an Anglican Church and part of the Peterborough Diocese. We are a community of Disciples on an adventure together of becoming more like Jesus.
We aim to go Deeper in Devotion, Closer in Connection, Further on our frontlines.

We’re a friendly and informal church, so if you’re thinking of visiting Christ the King for the first time, then you would be most welcome.

Please do introduce yourself to the Welcome team and those people around you.

We will give you a welcome pack and it’d be great if you would fill in a ‘Welcome Card’ (found in the welcome pack) so that we can invite you to welcome events and get to know you better.

Alternatively, complete and submit the ‘Welcome Form’ . If you would like to contact us then please do e-mail, phone or visit the church office, which is located at the entrance of the church building.

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As a Christian Church, we seek to live out what it means to be the Body of Christ – Jesus’ representatives here on earth – secure in the knowledge of the grace, forgiveness and freedom won for us on the cross.

As a Church of England Church, we are here to serve the Ise Lodge Estate, and desire to be a positive partner with churches across our town and county to make a difference for Jesus in Kettering and the Diocese of Peterborough.

As a Bible-based church, we believe God speaks to us today through his word, and aim to teach, understand and apply its teaching to our lives, as individuals and as a community of believers.

As a Spirit-led church, we are looking for what Jesus is doing among us and around us, and believe that his Holy Spirit gives us both the guidance and the gifts to follow him today.

Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit. Apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)
We believe that relationship is at the heart of the Christian faith. As a church, we are aiming for our relationship:

With God to be Growing Deeper;
With one another to be Growing Closer;
With the community around us to be Growing Further.

We worship in three Sunday congregations; 9am, 11am and 6.30pm.
We meet together in small groups at home or church during the week. We support programmes of activity serving children, young people, men, women and older people in our local community and church.

History of CtK – the story so far:

We are blessed with a story of 9 people stepping out in faith to found a new church in the town: this church is now over 400 strong with a huge range of activities and ministries which has touched and enhanced many people’s lives. It has sent many people out to work as missionaries, or to work as clergy or in other ways for the furtherance of God’s work in the world. These 9 pilgrims stand as a witness and a challenge to us. We truly stand on the shoulders of giants and should walk forward in humility, trust and faith.

Click here for a Pdf copy of the History of the church of Christ the King from 1969 – 2009 – the first 40 years

The PCC of the Church of Christ the King is planning to develop our church building and the site facilities to better accommodate the current church family, and to support our ongoing mission and ministry within the parish. In order to remain faithful to God’s calling we need to invest in our facilities over the next few years to alleviate our shorter-term accommodation problems and to facilitate ongoing growth.

The original building is modern and serves us well but is now no longer able adequately to meet the current and future needs of our church family and to serve our local community. We believe God is seeking to deepen his relationship with our church family and to reach many more within our parish community in the coming years.

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