The Grace Course is a tool to help Christians recover their first love for God so that they go on to love others and make a great impact on the world. Its objective is to enable Christians to experience God's grace in such a deep and real way that love for him becomes the main motivator in their lives.

Over 6 weeks learn how you can:

  • live a fruitful Christian life simply be being the person God made you to be
  • avoid "performing" for God or other people but learn to serve out of love
  • hold your head up high no matter what’s in your past
  • get rid of condemning thoughts and guilt
  • stop returning to the same old sins again and again
  • fear nothing and no-one except God himself
  • learn to serve out of genuine rest
  • work together with others to reach the world for Christ.

In each session there is teaching via DVD, presented by Steve Goss and Rich Miller, and small group discussions. After Session 5 there is a ‘Steps Day’ which gives space and time for teaching, personal reflection and prayer. This is a kind and gentle ministry session which will help us deal with the things that get in the way of experiencing God’s grace. 
The course teaches the wonderful truths of God’s grace but has an emphasis on helping people experience that grace. People who have been on it have described it as ‘enlightening’, ‘transforming’, ‘faith building’ and ‘releasing’.
For further information please contact Helen Hames on 01536 515776