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A message from Rob (Vicar & Mission Leader)

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Care for the elderly and vulnerable

We’re aware that those in the ‘at risk’ group may end up cut off, isolated and anxious if they are staying away from church events. We ask everyone to be mindful of those in our HOPE and the elderly in our Church family and community, to get in touch with them by telephone and find out if they need any help. Where consent has been given, contact details are available via Churchsuite (please contact the office for support accessing this).
We encourage anyone from this group who needs practical help, reassurance or prayer to contact there cluster or Roots group leader or the church office (01536 517553) so that we are aware of your situation. We have a prayer group and are encouraging Roots groups and community clusters to set up prayer networks and to offer help to collect groceries etc please contact the love in action team or church office if you would like to offer your support in someway.

Anyone from any group who is self-isolating should also let the office know so that we can prayer for your recovery.
Care for neighbours, friends and colleagues

This is a real opportunity to be on the lookout for people in your street or workplace who are affected in some way. Some people are dropping notes into neighbours (example offer of help leaflet  ) to offer contact and practical help. Showing concern, getting to know people’s situations and offering practical help such as shopping puts our faith into action. Pray for people and if it feels appropriate, tell them that you’re praying! We encourage everyone to show there support to all the people identified as Key Worker roles at this time, pray for them and shower them with kind actions and words of encouragement.

Care for yourself

Whether or not you are self-isolating or feel ill, all of us can feel anxious at this time. This is a season to care for one another and care for ourselves.
If you have not done so already, join a roots group, follow us on Instagram, Facebook or our all new YouTube channel we hope to share a regular pattern of thoughts regularily across all thes platforms. If you are unable to aceess these or know of someone who would be encouraged through a printed form for regular prayer and Bible study please contact the office. (01536 517553 -
Perhaps this is a good time to connec with the Pulse prayer email chain or subscribe to Prayer bites. If you have any prayer needs, please contact the office and we will let the Pulse prayer chain know. If you find yourself with more available time than usual, we’d encourage you to feed you heart and soul with worship and teaching rather than Netflix or catch-up TV!

Andy Stilwell, 19/03/2020