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 Assessment of needs (2016)

  Facilities Rationale
a) A mix of suitably sized multi-functional rooms To allow the church's group activities to grow and thrive e.g. children's work, youth activities, young adults, older people's events etc.
b) Kitchen and associated storage To service the current and future hospitality needs more efficiently.
b) Offices To allow the staff team and administrators to undertake their tasks efficiently and meet the demands of a larger church.
c) Purpose-built Welcome Area To create a welcoming environment that encourages newcomers and which promotes inclusion.
d) Hospitality To provide facilities for hospitality and friendship between and after the services.
To provide a setting which is less daunting for newcomers, occasional visitors, and particularly the unchurched.
To create an informal environment where new relationships can be formed and established relationships can be deepened.
e) Prayer space Within the above, to create a suitable space for prayer ministry to take place - especially between the two morning services, where the turn-around time can often be tight.


Steve Dodman, 13/02/2019