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The Parochial Church Council (PCC) forms the legal Trustees of the Church of Christ the King. At the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM), held in April each year, church members vote for those they wish to represent them from amongst those nominated for PCC. The PCC meets monthly and it is responsible for structural and strategic decisions on behalf of the wider church community. Some members also fulfil other roles within the CtK family and wider Church of England groups and structures (e.g. DEF, Deanery & Diocesan Synods).
If you want to contact anyone on the PCC either contact them directly or through the CtK office: or 01536 517553.
Rob 4 x 6 scaled Eleanor 4 x 6 scaled ST 2019 JW 2019

Rob Bewley
Vicar and Mission Leader

Eleanor Jeans

Associate Vicar

Sarah Tatton
Church Warden

Julia Welch
Church Warden

Bob Dore Steve Atkins Andy 4 x 6 scaled

Andy H 4 x 6 scaled

Bob Dore

Steve Atkins
PCC Lay Chair & Deanery Synod

Andy Stilwell
Deanery Synod & YML

Andy Hotchin

CF 2019

Ian Hames HH 2019 Roger Hamilton

Carol Feben

Ian Hames

Helen Hames

Roger Hamlet

Rob Brown

Stephanie Parbi

Steve Dodman

Carole Smith

Rob Brown

Stephanie Parbi

Steve Dodman

Carole Smith


RW 2019

Sharon 4 x 6 scaled


Andrew Bubeer

Rachael Watts

Sharon Deeming

Matt Bell