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Our Vision:

To share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the young people of Kettering.
To help our young people become confident in their beliefs and identities, so they can make positive change in their communities.
To support our young people to develop an independent, deepening relationship with Jesus, as well as strong positive bonds with their peers and others around them.

To join in with any of the activities please click here to register your child.
Youth Think Tank:

Thursday 28th April 2022
Drop-in Opens at 6-10pm

An opportunity for the whole church family to explore our youth ministry as it is and as it could be. 
Click HERE for details. 
Sunday Nights:
Youth LIfe Group v1.1

    What is it?
    A youth life group. We spend time together, support each other,     study the Bible in a    relevant  way and pray together.

    When is it?
    During our 6pm church service, Sunday Nights (term-time only).
    Who is it for?
    School years 7 to 13.
                                                        How much does it cost?
                                                        It’s free.


Friday Nights:

What is it?

A youth space with variety of activities including Pool, Table Tennis, Games consoles, 
Fridays at CtK Squarefootball and more.

When is it?
7:15pm to 9:00pm, Friday Nights (term-time only).

Who is it for?
School years 7 to 13.

How much does it cost?
£2 entry. But there’s a tuck shop!

Feel like something is missing?
Our Youth Mission Leader, Kelly, would love to hear about what you think our youth provision; whether that is because you have a passion for running or being involved with a new project, because you are a young person who would like a new project, or because you know someone who would.
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