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We believe that small groups are really important and ours are called Life Groups. This is especially so in a large church as they enable people to get to know a smaller group of people better and create an environment for questions, discussions, sharing and support. Life Groups play a big part in how we care for each other pastorally as well.

Typically in Life groups we will read and study the Bible, worship, pray and share in each other’s joys and struggles. Most Life Groups meet either weekly or fortnightly in people’s homes, in the church building, or sometimes on Zoom. Our groups often follow the morning sermon series or use material which complements what we are learning together on a Sunday. 

There are also Life Groups for youth and children, one for young adults and groups for women through Manna.

The Three Aspects of Life Groups are to go:

Deeper in Devotion:

Life Groups study God’s word and pray together to help everyone get to know Jesus better and grow as his disciples.

Closer in Connection:

In a big church, Life Groups are a great way to get to know a smaller group of people better and to make friends. Groups can support each other in practical, emotional and spiritual ways too.

Further on our Frontlines:

As a church our heart is that people will come to know Jesus, and one of the key ways of seeing this happen is through Life groups.  What we mean by this is that we expect the groups to grow by inviting friends from inside and outside the church to join them. Because growth is at the heart of these groups, they are always actively looking to grow to the point where they can multiply and set up a further group.

Three Main Ways to Join a Life Group:

  • Ask someone you know which Life Group they are in
  • Look on the board in church for details of each group 
  • Have a word with the Life Group Co-ordinator 

Because of the way that Life Groups have been set up, the answer will always be “Yes” when someone asks to join. The door is always open! If you want to know anything more, do contact the Church Office on 01536 517553 or