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As a Christian Church we seek to live out what it means to be the Body of Christ – Jesus’ representatives here on earth – secure in the knowledge of the grace, forgiveness and freedom won for us on the cross.
CofE 50As a Church of England Church we are here to serve the Ise Lodge Estate, and desire to be a positive partner with churches across our town and county to make a difference for Jesus in Kettering and the Diocese of Peterborough.

As a Bible-based church we believe God speaks to us today through his word, and aim to teach, understand and apply its teaching to our lives, as individuals and as a community of believers.
As a Spirit-led church we are looking for what Jesus is doing among us and around us, and believe that his Holy Spirit gives us both the guidance and the gifts to follow him today.


NW-Logo-RGB-ColourAs part of the New Wine network we want to work with other churches and their leaders to be more effective in growing God's kingdom together. Through nurturing relationships with those around us, connecting with other leaders and training opportunities we grow to be better equipped, inspired, and encouraged.

How do we live this out?

We worship in three Sunday congregations: 10.00am (on-site and on-line) and 6.00pm

We meet together in small groups (called Life Groups) at home, on Zoom or in the church building, during the week.
We support programmes of activity serving children, young people, men, women and older people both in our local community and within church.

History of CtK – the story so far:

We are blessed with a story of nine people stepping out in faith, back in 1969, to found a new church in the town. This church is now over 400-strong, with a huge range of activities and ministries which have touched and enhanced many people’s lives. It has sent many people out to work as missionaries, or as clergy, and in other ways for the furtherance of God’s work in the world.
Those nine original pilgrims stand as a witness and a challenge to us. We truly stand on the shoulders of giants and should walk forward in humility, trust and faith.
Click here for a copy of the History of Christ the King 1969 to 2009: the first 40 years.