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WEFT (Women Enjoying Fellowship Together) is a group that meets on Monday afternoons from 2.00-3.30pm and once a month on Monday evening, from 7.00pm to 9.00pm, here at Christ the King. The group is for both church members and those in the wider community and includes various crafts.


WEFT - who are we & what do we do?
In a weaving, the vertical threads that form the framework are called the warp and the horizontal ones that are woven in and out, are called the weft.

When WEFT started we envisioned a group for church and community, where lives of women were woven together- with Jesus providing the framework thread. This is what has happened, by the grace of God, with a beautiful warm group that loves to welcome new women. Women have come with a real passion for making and others who just like to come and have a go. Some teach us their skills, others add to the group just by being there. 

WEFT is a group of women who get together on Mondays. We spend a lot of time making things but also have other activities from time to time. Although we enjoy making things, the real draw to come to WEFT is because of being together: chatting, laughing and sometimes crying. It is a safe place and a place of warmth and welcome. It is a church-based group, but designed for all; about half of our members come to Christ the King and half either don’t go to church or go to other churches. 

Each week we close with a few minutes' reflection and anyone who would like prayer for themselves or a friend or loved one tells us and we pray for them. You are welcome to leave or stay for this part of the meeting. 

If you would like any further information about WEFT contact Carole Smith on or 07794 167503, or the Church Office on 01536 517553 or