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Supporting the project 

Please consider prayerfully how you might support this project. Many members of the church family have committed to give a monthly gift to CtK2020. This can be done by setting up a monthly standing order and, if you are a UK taxpayer, by ensuring that the tax on your gift amount is refunded as Gift Aid to the project by the tax office.

December 2018

Thank you to everyone who helped to raise a Gift Day 1 total in excess of £96, 000.

October 2018
October 28th was Gift Day 1.

View the project update presentation here.

Please download the Standing Order and Gift Aid forms here. Guidance on Gift Aid is available here. Please follow the instructions on the forms carefully - especially we ask that you return the complete forms to the CtK2020 project treasurer - Steve Atkins - either via his pigeon-hole in the church entrance foyer, or via the church office.

July 2017
Everyone in the family of Christ the King Church is involved in this partnership. It is a project that impacts us all. On July 2nd we were all invited to consider prayerfully how much we could pledge to the project. As we launched Pledge Day to the congregation, by a combination of money already in the building fund, and pledges from members of the PCC, and factoring in Gift Aid, we have around £284, 000.

If you have not already received a leaflet and pledge form, please download them here and pray about your response.

There will be many ways in which we can all support the project over its three-year life. Some of that support will depend on individual circumstances, but there is one thing that everyone can do immediately and that is to pray - pray for the Building Project Team, pray for the Staff Team, and pray for the whole church family as we embark on this exciting, but challenging project. 

Steve Dodman, 13/02/2019