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July 2020 - BIG NEWS

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Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hebrews 11.1


July 2020 Update: faith in action

Faced with that dilemma ... completely unexpectedly ... we have a project ... we have faith in action.

YouTube July flythru

Written version (including prayer pointers)

Video slideshow

YouTube update (extract from service on Sunday 5th July)

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February 2020 meeting with architect 28.02.2020

February update meeting 11.02.2020


Meeting with architect 28.02.2020

Attended by Rob Bewley, Andy Stilwell, Matt Bell, Steve Dodman, Nigel Walter (architect)

We spent time discussing and drawing out what our extra space needs are – comparing what we have currently with what we feel is needed (based on work done by the staff team). The outcome of that discussion was a simplification of the diagram which was shown to, and discussed by, the PCC in February. The simplification was possible because of a considered appraisal of the space needed and the facilities that will support it – kitchen, toilets etc. Emerging from this discussion was possibility of a more visible entrance which could be seen from the main drive – which is quite appealing and supports the original vision.
The architect is working within the £750,000 budget cap agreed by the PCC at the February 2020 PCC meeting. He is also aware that the finished annexe must meet certain strict criteria if it is to be exempt from VAT. We have taken on the services of a specialist VAT consultant to work this through.

The architect was commissioned to produce a concept drawing for the layout of the proposed new space and he has undertaken to do this so that we have something in time to show at the APCM. Once we see, and agree, the concept drawing the PCC will consider how to turn the concept into a reality – whether by choosing to build a “modular-type” structure, or a traditional brick-built structure. This will be determined by affordability within the £750,000 total budget limit set by the PCC.

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Project update meeting 11.02.2020

  • We are aware that we haven’t updated the congregation for some time.  3 reasons for silence:
    • we have never wanted it to dominate life of church
    • we have perhaps listened too much to the few voices who have said that we shouldn’t keep mentioning it
    • As PCC & Building Project Team we have been forced to examine lots of different possibilities.  It has not been practical or advisable to keep coming back to the congregation. 
  • We are SO GRATEFUL for the sacrifices of many which means we will have raised over £600,000 by the end of this year.  Let’s remember and be grateful for that, even if we need more. 


  • 2014 survey: 2nd big space; fit kitchen; decent welcome & hospitality area; office space; toilets.  This will serve us, but who else?
  • Older vulnerable people – Room 6 not big enough; kitchen not suitable
  • Young people who need Jesus – rooms not suitable
  • isolated people – not enough rooms to put on ministry initiatives
  • Community groups serving people – rooms not big enough to take bookings
  • Lost people – can’t make connections on Sunday morning
  • All the lost – not enough room
  • 2017 launch (backed up by prophecy).  


  • Bigger Space for growing activity
  • More Spaces for more activities
  • Welcome Space for key activity of welcome
  • Utility Space for necessary activity.

Or in more detail:

Bigger space for growing activity

  • the need for space big enough for Youth work, Messy Church and MishMash catering, Midweek Communion, Friendship Club, Luncheon Club (and also overflow space)

More spaces for more activities

  • because diary clashes prevent many initiatives and community use in the week, as well as for better children’s provision on Sundays

Welcome space for key activity of welcome (inc. kitchen)

  • because improving welcome is a key part of our strategy, and having attractive gathering space (inc. tea & coffee etc) is vital to that

Utility space for necessary activity (offices, toilets, storage)

  • the staff need a place to work, and one or two extra toilets would be useful, and we need extra storage 

Recent History

The first proposal proved far too costly to consider pursuing. A revised more modest proposal also proved too costly. The possibility of completing just one phase of this proved very costly and did not deliver the whole vision. 

Now ...

Just before Christmas 2019, another idea was suggested, which is currently being investigated.

  • A significant part of existing project cost involves demolition
  • Extensions attract 20% VAT, while new build largely doesn’t.
  • What if we could deliver the vision without knocking anything down and could avoid (a lot of) VAT?
  • What if we could build an annexe linked to the current entrance, with welcome area, big space, two meeting rooms, storage, kitchen and toilets?  With minimum disruption to the existing building.

Early investigations suggest that this might this be within reach.

Let’s continue to pray.
Bigger Space – More Spaces – Welcome Space – Utility Space

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