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Project Timeline 

April 2019: possible revisions to the plans announced and discussed at the APCM - more details here. Listen to Rob's report.
March 2019: meeting with the architect to explore how the project might be modified to make it affordable.
December 2018 - March 2019: PCC spends much time in prayer, listening and discussion because the project costs have risen alarmingly.
December 2018: Gift Day 1 total tops £96,000

October 2018: Gift Day 1 takes place on and around 28th October

July 2018: PCC and Project Group announces Sunday 28th October as Gift Day 1

March 2018: HMRC makes the first return of tax on money that has been "gift-aided"

February 2018: PCC commissions the architect to start work on the technical drawings - the detailed plans that a contractor can work from when work starts.

January 5th 2018: Kettering Borough Council has formally approved the plans for the extension - CtK2020 is on track!

December 16th: Pearl Celebration - our current building has been open for 30 years so it seemed a good time for a celebration of the past and future plans for the church of Christ the King.

October 26th: Full planning application submitted to Kettering Borough Council.

October 21st: Display presented at Light in the Dark for over 1000 visitors from the local community.

September 17th: Project update presentation, and Standing Order/Gift Aid guidance forms available. They can be downloaded from here - please follow the instructions and return the completed forms to the project treasurer.

September 2017: full planning application under preparation to be submitted this month.
August 2017: Pre-planning application submitted - response "we don't foresee any issues"
July 2nd 2017: fundraising launch to the whole church family. Pledges from PCC members total £149000! See the Pledge Day Presentation here.

June 2017: The PCC decided to give a lead by making prayerful pledges in advance of the fundraising launch to the congregation.

June 2017: The process of seeking Planning Permission from the Local Authority begun.

May 2017: Open-invitation building project workshops held to follow up the project launch.

April 2017: Significant words of prophecy given to Rob Bewley from Simon Braker: Learning to Hear God's Voice Conference at CtK on 29th April 2017 (the same week as the project launch).

April 2017: Project launched to the whole church family at the APCM.

March 2017: Initial architect plans agreed by the PCC.

January 2017: PCC agrees Terms of Reference under which the Building Project Group will operate

December 2016: Statement of Needs document submitted to the Diocesan Advisory Committee of Peterborough Diocese

September 2016: Building Project Group and Staff Team meet with consultant to discuss funding the project

July 2016: Initial plans reviewed and endorsed by PCC

February 2016: Building Project Group established
The group comprises: Kate Exall, Mike Tatton, Carole Smith (Warden), Andy Stilwell (Staff Team), Steve Atkins (Project Treasurer), Greg Hayes (Project Manager), Steve Dodman (Project Group Chairperson).
January 2016: PCC meets with architect to establish broad principles and direction for the project.

Late 2015: PCC undertakes initial consultations with architectural and church building consultants

November 2014: CtK Needs Assessment undertaken by PCC (Mike Oxford) 

Steve Dodman, 12/02/2019